Keto Egg Fast Diet Menu Plan & FAQs- Low Carb

Keto Egg Fast Diet Menu Plan & FAQs- Low Carb


So what is a keto egg fast? For those that are unfamiliar with the keto diet, it is a high protein and high fat diet with a very limited amount of carbs. The egg fast is essetnailly a meal plan that focuses on eggs and butter as the primary ingredient in all meals. This diet can actually help you lose weight is a relatively short time. I know you are wondering how exactly a diet of eggs and butter can help you reduce weight. In fact, it would seem that the opposite is true. However, the diet is actually quite scientifically sound as it depends of the keto philosophy of starving the body of carbs while increasing the protein content in meals.

I will start off with a disclaimer in that I am not a medical professional or a food specialist in any way.  These are my personal observations of how an egg fast can actually affect the body. For me, the diet was very effective in weight loss as it is a low carb diet. I have heard numerous testimonials from other food bloggers concerning the impact of the egg fast on weight loss. However, I will not recommend this diet for any person that has a medical condition or that may need more carbs to avoid medical complications.

In my research concerning this diet, I found out some fascinating scientific facts that support the claim that the egg fast diet helps you to lose weight. Apparently, eggs contain a product called choline which encourages fat metabolism specifically in the liver. Lacking this chemical can lead to an actual disease where your liver is unable to breakdown fats. The chemicals casein and methionine are also crucial in helping your liver to breakdown fat and release energy in the body. The egg contains these chemicals in the egg whites whereas the other products can be found is some milk products. Therefore, the egg fast actually works to you benefit by providing your liver with an abundance of chemicals that encourage metabolism and therefore help you to lose weight quickly.

For the plan that I used, I elected to have five days of the egg fast and two days of regular eating. It may seem ridiculous to eat all these eggs but remember that there are numerous egg recipes that are delicious and easy to make. I know it may be a challenge to consume only one thing for a week but your patience will benefit you in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to diversify my egg meals to remain on the keto diet?

No. You can actually have the same recipe for all the days you participate in the egg fast. The only reason to diversify egg recipes is to deal with the boredom of eating the same thing every single day.

  • Why does bulletproof coffee come highly recommended in the diet?

It is an awesome alternative to regular coffees that may have sugars that are unhealthy for you. The Bulletproof coffee consists of coffee combined with some unsalted butter and coconut oil. This delicious drink is awesome because it fulfills the needs of heavy cream lovers like me.

  • Can I use cream in my dishes such as whipping cream or double cream?

No. The whole point is to eliminate any food products that can contribute carbs to your diet. Especially if you are losing weight, consuming such products can actually be very bad for you. Avoid these products and just maintain the simple egg/butter ratio of 1 tablespoon of butter for each egg.

  • Am I allowed to have supplements with this diet?

Yes. You can continue with your supplements as long as they contain no processed sugars. These supplements are usually healthy and cater to some nutrient deficiencies that may be affecting your body.

  • I am a wine drinker, so do I have to give up my alcohol?

No. No drinking on this diet. Alcohol interferes with the liver function and therefore limits the metabolism of fat. Basically, your glass of wine could wipe away the gains that you make on this strict diet.


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